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Saami Trade- and Developementcenter                                                 Suomeksi/Finsk




Main office :  Tanatorget

                       9845 Deatnu …quot; Tana


Tel               :  47-78925490

Fax              :  47-78925499

E-mail         :

Web            :                                                             


Director :  Elin Sabbasen


Department, Ohcejohka/Utsjoki, Finland : Mrs. Ellen Ravna

Tel      :  358-16686202

Telefaks : 358-16677339

E-mail :




About SEG


SEG, the consultancy company was established in 1996. The company is owned by several saami municipalities situated in the county of Finnmark, Norway and Finish Lapland, and the saami publishing company Davi Girji. The main shareholder is the municipality of Deatnu/Tana. Our main office is located in Tana bru, the municipal centre of Deatnu/Tana. In Ohcejohka/Utsjoki, the northernmost municipality in Finland, we have an office run by Mrs. Ellen Ravna.



Vision and purpose


Our vision on behalf of SEG is to act as an instrument in developing trade, industry and local societies in the core saami regions. The company’s main purpose is by counselling, clarification reports and imparting knowledge to improve the economy of the saami communities in our region. Our task is also to improve the level of knowledge about saami issues in public service.




The organization


SEG AS is organized like a network company with a small staff of employees, at present 7 persons. Whenever it is required, competence and knowledge will be provided from our extensive professional network. 


Our network consists of professionals in various special fields and of institutions with a high degree of competence. We have entered into agreements with different professionals and institutions such as research institutions and colleges.



Our Main Fields


Saami language, culture and education


These fields are the basic priorities in all our work.

The following partial objectives have priority:

##   SEG will contribute to improve the general competence in Saami culture in the region

##   SEG will contribute to improve bilingual culture competence in the region

##   SEG will contribute to a better understanding of Saami culture, language and the Saami

        community in general.



Courses and Training


##   Saami language and culture

##   Courses in Electronic Data Processing and ICT, Information and Communication                                                  

       Technology, private enterprise management and personal management.

##   Mass media contact and appearance.



Clarification Reports


SEG is strongly concerned in making the Saami perspective more visible and distinct by participating in programmes designed to improve local and regional public service. One of our specialities is to design stratetgic action-programmes. 



Developement of Trade and Industry


##   Projects for design and productions.

##   Counselling of private enterprises.                                                                                      ##   Marketing and developement of new products.

##   Establishment of new firms.

##   Creater of Finish …quot; Norwegian collaboration projects

##   Creater of Russian …quot; Norwegian collaboration projects



Geographical work priority


##   Northern Norway

##   Northern Scandinavia and The Barents Region

##   Indigenous peoples in the Arctic


Our most important clients


We mainly work for public institutions, but we also have engagements for private enterprises. SEG is looked upon as a supplement to the already excisting skill and competence within the public sector and in private firms.

Our main clients are the Saami Parliament, the county of Finnmark, the Barents Region and the saami municipaleties.



Our staff


Steinar Pedersen                                                            Tel: 47-78925492

Director. Ph.d.                                                                  E-mail :                                                                                            


Haavald Hansen                                                            Tel : 47-78925493

Deputy director. Engineer                                                E-mail :


Helene Nordsletta Aslaksen                                         Tel : 47-78925490                                                Office manager                                                               E-mail :


Siri Broch Johansen                                                     Tel : 47-78925495

Manager Deano giellagáddi/                                          E-mail :

               Tana Saami Language Center. B.A.


Wenche Johansen                                                        Tel : 47-78925497

 Project coorinator. B.A.                                                E-mai :


Jan Bjørge                                                                   Tel : 47-78925493

Project coordinator. B.A.                                              E-mail :


Ellen Ravna                                                                  Tel : 358-16686202

Project manager, B.A.                                                   E-mail :

Departement, Ochejohka/Utsjoki, Finland




A brief summary of some projects and work


“Joddu” …quot; a center of competence in salmonfishing and saami culture in Deatnu/Tana.

On behalf of Deatnu/Tana municipality SEG has been responible for working out preliminary plans for this project. The center will include a museum, a meeting place for scientists, tourist office, adventure-center, shops for duodji, saami arts and crafts.


The establishment of a “saami prison” in Deatnu/Tana.

The municipality of Detnu/Tana has initiated a process with the purpose to establish a prison where Saami language and culture is fully integrated within the prison organization.The preliminary project has been worked out by SEG.

¤  The exploitation of the Tana River and it`s water system.


¤  The standard of the public health sector in regions with indigenious peoples in North-West    



¤  The health condition among Norwegian reindeer-herding saami.


¤   The increase of revenue in the reindeer-herding economy


¤   Plans for developing a cultural center in Narjan Mar/Archangel and a saami cultural

    centre in Lovozero/Murmansk


¤   Strategic plans for developement of tourism in Saami districts


¤   Prositution, health and standard of living related to russian women frequently visiting



¤   New design in Saami arts and crafts


¤  The establishment of Tana Saami Language Center


¤   Further developement of both culture and economic activity in the Tana River valley



Special activeties


We have accumulated a heavy experience in organizing courses, seminars and conferences

on different topics related to our professional activity in general.


Employees of SEG have written and published several theses in various sciences and works in the field of popular science.



Deatnu/Tana language center


The center is included in the SEG-organisation, but operates as a separate unit.

Organizing and implementing language courses is the main task for our language center.

We can offer courses in Saami language especially fit for Norwegian speaking people as well as writing-courses in Saami language.


We also have the capacity to design language courses on special request. Our clients have been public schools and public institutions.


We have a long experiance in translating Norwegian to Saami language and v.v. That includes schoolbooks, documents, public and private information and advertising articles.


For more information, please contact: Siri Broch Johansen or                  tel. 47-78925495, fax. 47-78925499.




Special competence : Subjects


Traditional organization of the Saami community


Historic perspective on the exploitation of land in Finnmark, the right to land and waters

in Saami areas.


National law and international conventions on the rights of the Saami people and indigenous peoples in general.


The Norwegian Saami Parliament. The developement of Saami organizations. The official Norwegian policy towards the Saami people.


Bordercrossing activities in Northern Scandinavia in historic perspective.


The rigt to land and waters in Finnmark.


Many aspects concerning the salmon fishing in the Tana River.



SEG has long experience in arranging courses in data processing and information technology


##  Introduction to Windows

##  Training course in word processing

##  How to use Internet

##  How to construct a data base


For more information, please contact Håvald Hansen :

tel. 47-78925493.



Mass Media


SEG is also operating in the field of mass media activeties. We can offer councelling in how to behave and how to master your appearance in mass media, and we can work out plans for “using” the media in order to achieve progress or results in your case. 




In our staff we have professionals who have experiance from political activities on all levels, and with higher education in political science. We can offer councelling in how to gain influence within public administration or political bodies. We have good records in this field.



































































































































































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